Episode 25: Anuj Desai and Textualism

Photo of Prof. Anuj Desai in front of some law books. He is wearing a black suit and a blue bowtie.A remotely-recorded podcast interview with University of Wisconsin Voss Bascom Professor of Law Anuj Desai (SSRN; Law Repository).

Prof. Desai teaches in both the Law School and the iSchool (Information School) at UW Madison, teaching courses in cyberlaw, the First Amendment, intellectual freedom, statutory interpretation, legislation and regulation, and copyright.

This interview focuses on Prof. Desai’s article “Text is Not Enough,” published in the Colorado Law Review.

The article is about textualism and statutory interpretation as seen through the lens of the 2020 Title VII Supreme Court Case Bostock v. Clayton County. Prof. Desai goes through the interpretation and reasoning by the Justices on the case.

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The interview was conducted on Jan. 20, 2022. | 56:00 minutes; published Mar. 1, 2022. Transcript file (PDF).

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