Episode 26: Mark Sidel and Restriction of NGOs

Photo of Prof. Mark Sidel, in black suit with maroon tie in front of grey background.A remotely-recorded podcast interview with University of Wisconsin Doyle-Bascom Professor of Law and Public Affairs Mark Sidel (SSRN; Law Repository).

Prof. Sidel begins by describing his professional experience and interest in nonprofits and philanthropic organizations- he originally worked with the Ford Foundation before becoming a law professor. He helped lead the program in China, Vietnam, and India/South Asia in the early-mid 1990s.

Prof. Sidel’s academic interests have also focused on Asia and NGOs (non-governmental organizations). He gives an explanation of NGOs and common terms related to NGOs before beginning the discussion of two of his recent articles on the increasing tendency of governments to restrict foreign investments, grants, and donations to nonprofit and philanthropic organizations in those countries.

Both of these papers (“Overseas NGOs and Foundations and Covid in China“; “Securitizing Overseas Nonprofit Work in China: Five Years of the Overseas NGO Law Framework and Its New Application to Academic Institutions“) focus on these policies in China but also touch on other countries and provide a review of the implications of these policies.

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The interview was conducted on April 15, 2022. | 29:19 minutes; published April 25, 2022. Transcript file (PDF).

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