Wisconsin Law in Action is a monthly podcast featuring new or forthcoming scholarship from the University of Wisconsin Law School. The podcast explores a variety of legal topics and examines new developments in the legal academic field by discussing these topics with UW Law School Faculty. Podcast interviews are conducted by the University of Wisconsin Law School Library and are available on SoundCloud.

What is Law in Action?

Every law school, UW Law School included, will teach you the legal rules. Rules laid down in statutes and regulations. Rules announced by state and federal judges in their appellate decisions.

At UW Law, students learn not only legal rules, but also why those rules evolved to address social concerns, and how those rules operate in the real world. We’re not the only school that features a broader, more socially aware view of law. But we are the only school whose hallmark is the law-in-action approach to teaching. That’s what makes UW Law a different kind of law school. That’s why Wisconsin will make you a different — and better — kind of lawyer.