Episode 13: Steven Wright and the Coyotes of Carthage

photo of Prof. Steven WrightA remotely-recorded podcast interview with Steven Wright, University of Wisconsin Clinical Associate Professor and Co-Director of the Wisconsin Innocence Project. Prof. Wright also lectures in the creative writing department.

Prof. Wright (Twitter: @stevenhwright) discusses his new debut novel, The Coyotes of Carthage. He talks about his background in both law and creative writing and how he came to the University of Wisconsin- Madison for an M.F.A. after receiving his J.D. and clerking for a federal judge.

Prof. Wright also talks about the process of writing his novel and calls himself a “literary Forrest Gump”- meaning that he’s been in the right place at the right time. He based his novel on his experience working with voting rights law.

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The interview was conducted on July 10, 2020. | 40:35 minutes; published July 30, 2020. Transcript file (PDF).

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