Episode 31: Elizabeth Manriquez and the UW Law School Digital Repository

A podcast episode with Elizabeth Manriquez (Law Repository), Head of Reference & Scholarly Services at the University of Wisconsin Law Library.

This podcast celebrates the fifth anniversary of the launch of the UW Law School Digital Repository. It discusses how it was developed, how it works, and featured research collections housed within it.

Elizabeth (@librarianliz2) begins by talking about her history with the repository and her interest in scholarly communications and repositories.

She then moves to talk about the UW Law School Digital Repository. It’s unique because it’s based in an open-source platform (Omeka) and UW is one of the only law schools that has this. Because of this, we are able to accept more cultural heritage type projects rather than just faculty scholarship. For example, the Bhopal collection (papers, news clippings, materials about the Bhopal incident in India collected by Law Professor Emeritus Marc Galanter).

Elizabeth then describes the repository team and their roles and some of the newest collections in the repository including the Herman Goldstein Collection.

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The interview was conducted on February 28, 2023. | 21:39 minutes; published March 27, 2023. Transcript file (PDF).

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