Episode 22: S. Lisa Washington and Epistemic Justice in the Family Regulation System

Photo of Prof. S. Lisa Washington. She is wearing a dark suit and her hair is in a bun.A remotely-recorded podcast interview with Prof. S. Lisa Washington (SSRN , @SLisaWashington), the 2021-22 William H. Hastie Fellow at the University of Wisconsin Law School.

Prof. Washington previously worked as a public defender in New York City and defended clients in family court as well as supervised students in the Cardozo Family Court Clinic. Her research centers on this topic and her continued interest in the issues she encountered in her work there led her to enter academia.

This podcast interview discusses Prof. Washington’s forthcoming Columbia Law Review article, “Survived & Coerced: Epistemic Justice in the Family Regulation System.” The article examines how the family regulation system mirrors the criminal justice system and in practice finds that parents encounter a system as coercive, intrusive, and disempowering, especially for already marginalized communities. Prof. Washington argues that a growing movement to end the injustice in the family regulation system can sync up with the current reckoning with the criminal justice system and demand an end to the marginalization and coercion that exists within that system.

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The interview was conducted on September 15, 2021. | 25:51 minutes; published October 5, 2021. Transcript file (PDF).

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