A remotely-recorded podcast interview with Bonnie Shucha (SSRN, Law Repository, @shucha) Associate Dean for Library & Information Services and the Director of the Law Library at the University of Wisconsin Law School.

Dean Shucha discusses her background in librarianship and her journey to becoming associate dean and law library director at UW Law School.

Dean Shucha describes her recent paper, “Representing Law Faculty Scholarly Impact: Strategies for Improving Citation Metrics Accuracy and Promoting Scholarly Visibility,” which she presented at the Spring 2021 Citation and the Law Yale Symposium.

The paper focuses on the scholarly visibility of legal academia publishing and the role that law libraries play in enhancing visibility, impact, and discoverability, especially since the US News & World Report began using a scholarly impact ranking as part of their law school ranking process. The paper examines this new scholarly impact ranking and how it pulls data from HeinOnline, how that data can be skewed as it does not include multidisciplinary or book projects, and gives practical advice on how legal scholars and law librarians can help improve their scholarly visibility.

The interview was conducted on May 4, 2021. | 32:29 minutes; published May 19, 2021. Transcript file (PDF).

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